5.1JF & 5.3JF

Cord Length :

Price               : 4940.10


Item# Voltage / Amps Approx., GPM Spray Pattern Ship Weight Warranty
Kasco5.1JF 240V/18a depends on display 7 patterns 0 3 year

NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING Fountain Mountain is happy to work with local and state governments to cooperate as much as we can in helping you with governmental paperwork. We are pleased to rapidly provide EIN, W-9, Resale Numbers, and other documents as you need. In addition, we understand that it might take a few months for governments to pay because of paperwork, board approvals, etc., so we offer 90-day terms to goverments. Free shipping on most items. We will even contact you local power company if you would like and obtain an estimated electrical cost for running the fountains/aerators. Please click "MORE DETAILS" for more info and display pics.

Cord Length :

Price               : 6265.80


Item# Voltage / Amps Approx., GPM Spray Pattern Ship Weight Warranty
3Phase-5.3JF 208/240v/3phase/13a depends on nozzle depends on nozzle 0 3 year

NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING The 5.3JF, 3 phase unit is supplied with a simple to use, all inclusive GFI protected 3 phase control panel, model CF-3235. Without the confusing options, these panels include all the best features. Included in this UL-508A, non-metallic 4x/3r panel is a true, 3 phase rated personnel protection GFI with a 5ma trip level. Also included is a motor starter with adjustable overload, lightning/surge protection, two 24 Hour time clocks (one for the unit and one for lights), and a Hand-Off-Auto switch. Other features are an angled field wiring terminal block for easy installation, input terminals for field installed interlock, and startup instructions with wiring diagram in the door. A licensed electrician should install this control panel.


Kasco Fountains

Kasco's floating fountains and aerators are highly efficient, with much lower power consumption than competitive equipment. Featuring superior dependability in salt-wa

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