Warranty, Warranty Claim, and Return Policy

Limited Warranty

Kasco® Marine, Inc. warrants this floating fountain, pond aerator, and/or water circulator to be free from defects in material or workmanship (except for zinc anode, flotation, power cord, propeller/impeller) under normal use and service. The Kasco Marine, Inc. obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing free of charge any defective part within two (2) years from the date of shipment on all 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1HP units and within three (3) years on all lighting kits and 2 to 7.5 HP units. Customer shall pay all shipping charges.




Warranty is void if:

  • The zinc anode around propeller shaft shows significant deterioration. Anode must be inspected periodically and replaced as necessary.
  • The unit or control box is damaged by unauthorized tampering.


NOTE: Kasco Marine, Inc. is not responsible for aeration problems due to improper installation, poorly maintained ponds, agricultural/industrial pollution, natural phenomena, or faulty installation site monitoring.


Warranty Claim Procedure

Check the ten or eleven-digit (depending on model) serial number printed either on the black cover of the motor or on the blue nameplate and determine the year of manufacture according to the serial number scheme below:


Sample Serial # 01 01 VX 44 1725


  • The first two digits represent the reverse of the last two digits of the year of manufacture. Example: 01 = 2010 model year.
  • The third and fourth digits represent the week of the year of manufacture. Example: 01 = First week of January.
  • The fifth (and sixth on some models) digit represents the model (Ex. "VX" for 3400VFX)
  • The seventh and eight digit represents the horsepower of the unit:
    • 14 = 1/4
    • 24=1/2hp
    • 34=3/4hp
    • 44=1hp
    • 23 = 2HP 3 phase
    • 84=2hp single phase
    • 31=3hp single phase
    • 33 = 3HP 3 phase
    • 51=5hp single phase
    • 53 = 5HP 3 phase
    • 73 = 7.5HP 3 phase
  • The remaining four digits are sequential.


For units manufactured starting in 2002 or later, the month and year of manufacture will be printed on the nameplate.


You can also register your Kasco fountain, aerator, or circulator online. Please select the link at the bottom of this page to register your Kasco unit online.


Once the warranty coverage has been established, the unit may be sent to any Kasco authorized repair center for evaluation and repair. Please call 715-262-4488 prior to shipping to receive a Return Authorization Number, then ship to:


Kasco Marine, Inc.

800 Deere Rd.

Prescott , WI 54021


Or call 715-262-4488 to locate your nearest authorized repair center.


NOTE: Only complete motor assemblies will be accepted for warranty repair. The power cord and all other components must be returned with the motor as originally assembled. Any missing parts will be replaced at the customer's expense and, if determined to have caused the failure, could void the entire warranty. Some parts are essential for structural support during shipping and others, such as the power cord, are essential to properly diagnose potential causes or failure. It is not necessary to return the float or control box with the motor assembly.


Please include a shipping address (physical address) for return delivery of the repaired unit and a daytime phone number and/or e-mail address for correspondence regarding the warranty claim.


Any expedited shipping method for the return of the unit is at the customer's expense. Kasco Marine will return units repaired under warranty at our expense via ground freight within the continental United States.


Other Repairs

Most failed equipment can be repaired at substantially lower cost than replacement with new. Please ship according to the instructions in the previous section. Again, it is best to call ahead for a Return Authorization Number so we know the repair is coming.


Kasco offers free estimates on repairs at the request of the customer. The request for estimate should be included in the letter that accompanies the returned unit and must include a daytime phone number and/or e-mail address. Estimate options are as follows:

  • We will contact the customer with a total after the unit has been evaluated, but before the work is performed.
  • We will repair the unit only if repair costs are under a stated dollar limit. Example: "Please repair if total is under $150.00 before shipping charges."


All estimates that are rejected for repair will be destroyed unless otherwise directed by the customer. If the customer would like the unit returned, the unit will be restored as closely as possible to the condition in which it was received and shipped at the customer's expense for shipping and handling charges.



All repairs will be returned to the customer and billed C.O.D. unless otherwise directed. Kasco also accepts Visa and Master Card credit card payments. Kasco will call for credit card information upon completion of the repair at the customer's request.


All other warranty and repair inquiries should be directed to Kasco Marine at 715-262-4488 or returns@kascomarine.com.

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